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Needle Felted Pet Portraits

My needle felted pet portraits are created by felting Merino and Corriedale wool onto stretched linen or felt using a single barbed needle.  The final pieces can be displayed in an embroidery hoop or stretched over a canvas frame.

For a needle-felted pet portrait on linen or felt, the prices are as follows:

  • 6 inch £125 (or £120 without the hoop or canvas)

  • 8 inch £175 (or £170 without the hoop or canvas)

I can do multiple pets per piece, for an additional cost per pet.  Free UK postage and worldwide shipping is available.


Reference Photo

I will need one high quality photograph to use as reference.  Any additional photographs (close up of eyes, any distinguishing features etc.) would be very helpful! 

Your pets face should be in focus, with no blurriness, and photographed in shaded natural light where possible.   

If you are at all concerned about the quality of your photo, please feel free to email it through to me before purchasing and I will see if I can help :).


If you would like me to copy a professional photograph, I will need the photographer's permission.


Please note that I retain the rights to use photographs of any artwork created from your photo for use as promotional material.

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