I have been commissioned to create a range of felt paintings including wedding venues, family cottages and holiday locations (see photos above).  I thoroughly enjoy painting landscapes and take great care to bring my customers favorite memories and treasured views to life. 


The felt paintings are created by carefully building up layers of merino wool, using a single barbed needle to hold the fibres in place. The piece is then felted using hot soapy water and a lot of elbow-grease!  Detail is then added using additional needle-felting and occasionally free motion machine embroidery (when I feel it works for the composition). 


If you would like to commission a painting, please choose the size you would like and email me a few photos of your chosen landscape.  I am keen to produce the best possible painting for you, so please make sure that the photographs are in focus and contain all of the details that you would like me to include in my final piece.


If you would like a different size or have any particular requests, please email me for details.

Landscape Commission